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During the month of November 2017, ThinkTech Hawaii is participating in its first crowd funding campaign. Our goal is to raise $40,000 with the help of ThinkTech directors and hosts and their friends and family. All funds raised will go towards producing our content.

About ThinkTech Hawaii

ThinkTech Hawaii is a live streaming internet news media platform,  founded in 2001,  which runs weekdays from 11:00am - 5:00pm.  (

Our mission is to raise public awareness for a better Hawaii and to be the leading digital media platform promoting civic engagement in Hawaii.  We host a thoughtful, rational, open-minded dialog that envisions our best prospects for the future with due respect for the lessons of the past.  We were recently acknowledged  by the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum with The Transformational Achievement Award for Education and Outreach.

Aside from our livestreaming shows, our work is also disseminated through our website, YouTube, podcasts, and a weekly feature show on Spectrum OC16.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, ThinkTech Hawaii relies completely on philanthropic gifts and volunteer support. Through this campaign we hope you will make a donation of any size to keep ThinkTech Hawaii accessible to our community!

Our vision is to be a leader in shaping a more vital and thriving Hawaii as the foundation for future generations.

And, yes, Every Day Better!

Jay Fidell and Carol Mon Lee

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  • Jay Fidell, President / CEO
  • Carol Mon Lee, Executive Vice President / COO
  • Shackley Raffetto, Treasurer
  • Diane Sherman, Secretary
  • Peter Adler
  • Reg Baker
  • Nicole Hori
  • David Karl
  • Sherilyn Lau
  • David Louie
  • Kem Lowry
  • Burt Lum
  • Lisa Maruyama
  • Sanford Murata
  • Deborah Zimmerman


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